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Swyft Filings is committed to providing accurate, reliable information to help you make informed decisions for your business. That's why our content is written and edited by professional editors, writers, and subject matter experts. Learn more about how Swyft Filings works, our editorial team and standards, what our customers think of us, and more on our trust page.

Alexis Konovodoff
Written by Alexis Konovodoff
Written byAlexis Konovodoff
Updated September 11, 2023
Edited by Zachary Ace Aiuppa
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Oklahoma business owners may be confused by the registered agent state requirement. However, appointing an agent is mandatory to obtain authorization to transact business in the state.

The role of a registered agent isn’t as difficult to understand once you dive into the details and learn more about the state mandate for LLC, nonprofit, and corporation formation. 

This article covers a registered agent’s definition, roles, requirements, and how you can find the best Oklahoma registered agent service for your company.

Key Takeaways 

  • A registered agent serves as the point of contact for legal correspondence between clients and state authorities.

  • Although small business owners can name themselves as registered agents in their formation documents, third-party registered agent services offer more stability and peace of mind.

  • Individuals and domestic or foreign entities can meet the requirements to serve as Oklahoma registered agents.

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What Is a Registered Agent? 

A registered agent is a business entity or individual that serves as a point of contact for communications between the Oklahoma Secretary of State and limited liability companies (LLCs) or other Oklahoma businesses. The registered agent, or statutory agent, handles service of process and other legal documents on behalf of clients.

Fulfilling this role ensures compliance with Oklahoma state law and enables business owners to receive important legal notices and submit paperwork promptly to the proper authorities.[1] 

Oklahoma LLC owners and out-of-state entrepreneurs starting new operations have many choices for registered agents. But whatever the situation, you must appoint one in good standing to avoid financial penalties or severe legal consequences.

Registered Agent Responsibilities 

The key responsibility of a registered agent is accepting service of process documents and other legal paperwork for clients. These lawsuit notifications are crucial for resolving legal battles and complaints, so the agent must accept and deal with them swiftly. 

A registered agent’s responsibilities also include the following:

  • Accepting and forwarding compliance-related corporate filings, preferably through same-day mail forwarding

  • Informing represented business owners of tax notifications, annual report deadlines, and government correspondence

  • Processing and forwarding litigation documents so clients can respond on time and avoid penalties

  • Being available during regular business hours as a point of contact for their represented clients

  • Submitting their business address to the Secretary of State on the public record 

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Choosing Your Oklahoma Registered Agent 

An Oklahoma registered agent fulfills a vital role for limited liability companies, nonprofits, and corporations. But other requirements must be met before an individual or company can take on the responsibilities.

Oklahoma Registered Agent Requirements 

If you want to elect an individual as your Oklahoma registered agent, they must:

  • Be over 18

  • Be a state resident in good standing

  • Maintain a physical street address as a registered office

  • Make their business address a matter of public record

Domestic and foreign businesses (LLCs and corporations) can represent an Oklahoma business as an LLC registered agent for government and legal communications. This allows small business owners to work with professional registered agent service providers.

Elected businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a physical address in the state

  • Have the authorization to conduct business in Oklahoma

  • Maintain regular business hours during business days

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Oklahoma? 

If you want to elect yourself as the company’s registered agent, it’s essential to understand that you, as an individual, can serve in this capacity. However, the business entity itself can’t be its own registered agent. Only third-party companies meet the state requirements.

Some business owners believe doing the job themselves is better or cheaper than outsourcing, but it might not be the most rewarding move. 

Here are some advantages of making this decision:

  • Gain confidentiality regarding legal action and notices 

  • Motivate yourself to keep track of legislative changes and new state regulations

  • Save money in the beginning phases of the business

  • Get peace of mind that all record-keeping is under the same roof and easily accessible

Although these seem like significant advantages, the reality is a bit different. The disadvantages of being a self-designated agent often outweigh the advantages. Here are some to consider:

  • Strips your privacy by listing the registered office in the public record

  • Removes the ability to leave the office during regular business hours

  • Adds the need for out-of-state businesses to invest in an office space to have a physical address as a registered office

  • Damages your reputation if a process server serves you in front of clients and staff

  • Results in severe consequences if you misplace paperwork or miss a deadline

  • Makes prioritizing legal documents challenging by adding an influx of junk mail

  • Takes time and focus away from high-value revenue-generating tasks, affecting normal business operations

Benefits of a Third-Party Registered Agent 

With the pros and cons of being your own registered agent in mind, here’s what you need to know about the benefits of electing third-party registered agents. It’s a much safer path to ensuring good standing with the State of Oklahoma.

  • Uses same-day mail forwarding to deliver vital legal notices and essential legal documents via secure online channels

  • Sets automated reminders and notifications regarding annual reports, taxes, and other corporate filings to meet all deadlines

  • Adds flexibility for clients to work irregular hours, in different time zones, or from home or out-of-state offices

  • Keeps legal dealings private and discreet

  • Filters out junk mail from advertisers and similar spam or unimportant notifications

  • Removes the need for out-of-state companies to open a new small business office or branch

  • Helps make informed decisions regarding vital documents with legal and organizational expertise

If you’re interested in hiring a third-party registered agent for your business needs, we offer all of the benefits above to ensure your business stays private and compliant.

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How to Set Up Your Oklahoma Registered Agent 

It’s time to discuss how to designate an Oklahoma registered agent on your formation documents. Electing and changing your registered agent are essential processes that affect your good standing and compliance with Oklahoma state laws.

Electing an Oklahoma Registered Agent 

When you elect an Oklahoma registered agent during your LLC formation or corporation incorporation process, you must submit the following information about your registered agent:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Contact details

You need this information to file your Articles of Organization for an LLC or Certificate of Incorporation for corporations.[2, 3] You must also pay $100 in state filing fees for an LLC or $50 for domestic corporations to the Oklahoma Secretary of State.[4]

We will handle your LLC or corporation filing and fulfill your registered agent requirement on your behalf. Alternatively, you can file your formation documents through the Oklahoma Secretary of State online portal or mail the paperwork to the following address.[5]

Oklahoma Secretary of State

421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210

Oklahoma City, OK 73103

If you don’t want the Secretary of State to mail back your processed documents, you can check the “Return Filed Documents Electronically” option.

Changing an Oklahoma Registered Agent 

If you want to change your Oklahoma registered agent, we can expedite the process as your new third-party service provider. If you prefer to take action independently, you must submit a Notice of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent based on your business structure.

It currently costs $25 to file the paperwork. You can submit the document online or mail the paperwork to the following address. 

Oklahoma Secretary of State

421 N.W. 13th, Suite 210

Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Why Choose Swyft Filings as Your Oklahoma Registered Agent
  • Avoid Penalties: Every business is legally required to have a registered agent in any state where it operates.

  • Prioritize Your Privacy: We go on record with the government so you don’t have to, meaning any legal actions come to us, not your home or office.

  • Stay Flexible: We are always available at a physical address during business hours, so you’ll never miss an official notice.

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Who can be an Oklahoma registered agent?

The State of Oklahoma allows adult residents to serve as registered agents for nonprofit organizations, LLCs, and corporations. They must be over 18, maintain a registered office, and be in good standing with the state. Similarly, companies can be registered agents if they have a physical address as a registered office and are authorized to do business in Oklahoma by the Secretary of State.

How much does a registered agent in Oklahoma cost?

Registered agents charge around $50 to $300 per year for their services. Swyft Filings currently has a flat fee of $149 for a year of service. Note that prices vary based on several considerations like service packages, experience, expertise, advisory involvement, and other options. 

How can I change my registered agent in Oklahoma?

You must file a Change or Designation of Registered Agent or Registered Office form compatible with your business structure to change your agent in Oklahoma. Domestic and foreign corporations and LLCs have slightly different documents to submit. The Secretary of State allows digital and mail submissions, or you can hire a third-party registered agent to handle everything.

How can I find a registered agent in Oklahoma?

Business owners typically find registered agents through Google searches and recommendations. Companies and state authorities may also look at the Oklahoma Secretary of State business database to identify registered agents and use their contact information to reach out to their clients.

What is an Oklahoma registered office?

An Oklahoma registered office is mandatory to qualify as a registered agent. It’s an agent’s place of business and must be open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. Because it refers to a physical address, it can’t be a mailing service or a P.O. box.

What’s the difference between a registered agent and a resident agent or statutory agent?

There’s no difference between a registered agent, a resident agent, or a statutory agent. You can use the terms interchangeably, as they all refer to the same responsibilities. Most states use the term registered agent in technical speech and legal documents.

What is a registered agent service?

A registered agent service is a third party that fulfills the registered agent requirements on behalf of the business. Swyft Filings offers a reliable registered agent service that maintains your privacy, provides immediate access to vital documents, and gives you more time to focus on your business.


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Originally published on May 05, 2023, and last edited on September 11, 2023.
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