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Advantages of Forming a C Corp

A C Corp is the only type of organization that can "go public" and sell an unlimited number of ownership shares. They do typically get taxed at a higher rate due to taxes being imposed at both a personal and corporate level, however having access to more capital, higher revenue potential, and ultimately profits, often offsets this.

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Protection from Debts and Liabilities

For businesses that choose a C Corporation business structure, personal assets are considered separate from the personal interest invested in the company. This means that debts and liabilities incurred are the responsibility of the business rather than its members.

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Ease of Ownership Changes

Ownership changes in a C Corp occur through the sale of stock to new or existing shareholders, and a C Corp can have an unlimited number of owners.

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Business Perpetual Existence

While an LLC’s life depends on the terms of the Operating Agreement, S and C Corps are separate entities that survive the death or transfer of stock of the owners or major shareholders.

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Option to Sell Shares

Unlike LLCs, nonprofits, or sole proprietors, C Corps may sell stock. A C Corporation can issue many types of stocks, which may be sold to an unlimited number of shareholders. Any equity to third parties’ sales must comply with SEC regulations.

Filing a C Corp: Common Questions

If you have more questions, please give us a call at (877) 777-0450. We love to help!

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What are the primary advantages of a C Corporation?

The C Corporation is the oldest and one of the most common business structures, and is typically what comes to mind when the average person hears the word "corporation". It provides the greatest level of separation and protection between the company and its owners, and allows the company to raise capital through the issuance of publicly traded stock.

Are there any restrictions on who can file to form a C Corporation?

One of the C Corporation's greatest strengths as a structure is that it typically has no requirements regarding who can become part of its ownership. However, a few states do require that an individual be at least 18 years of age to officially become an owner.

What are the tax implications of a C Corporation?

C Corporations and their owners are taxed separately from one another, which results in "double taxation". This means that the corporation will be taxed on its profits and then each individual owner will be taxed again on the income distributed to them at a personal level. Filing as an S corp can help business owners avoid this, but will also open them up to paying self-employment taxes.

Are there a required number of individuals needed to form a C Corporation?

Most states only require one director in order to start a C Corporation. However, some states impose a minimum number based on the number of shareholders the company has. This required number is typically never lower than three and there is no maximum limit.

What formal paperwork must be filed when incorporating as a C Corp?

C Corporations and their owners are taxed separately from one another, which results in "double taxation". This means that the corporation will be taxed on its profits and then each individual owner will be taxed again on the income distributed to them at a personal level. Filing as an S corp can help business owners avoid this, but will also open them up to paying self-employment taxes.

* Most comprehensive Standard and Premium packages: Based on a May 2024 comparison of Swyft Filings to other online business filing companies.

**Our processing times are calculated based on business days and exclude government processing times, which may differ by state. Once we prepare your formation documents, we'll forward your application to the Secretary of State to file your business. Same-day processing is only available if ordered before 3 p.m. Central Time. Otherwise, it will be processed on the following business day.

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