Verify Your Business Name With a Louisiana Business Entity Search

Save money, time, and legal hassle with a simple Louisiana business entity search. Using our free online tool you are able to check if a business name is available for use.
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Swyft Filings is committed to providing accurate, reliable information to help you make informed decisions for your business. That's why our content is written and edited by professional editors, writers, and subject matter experts. Learn more about how Swyft Filings works, our editorial team and standards, what our customers think of us, and more on our trust page.

Catherine Cohen
Written by Catherine Cohen
Written byCatherine Cohen
Updated December 05, 2023
Edited by Zachary Ace Aiuppa
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Coming up with the name for your business is a creative but potentially complicated task. Your LLC needs to have a unique title and be different from the names of existing businesses in your state.

One popular tool to search if your desired name is available is the Swyft Filings’ free entity search:

  1. Fill out an online form including the desired name for your Louisiana LLC.

  2. Wait for the results. It usually takes one business hour to deliver results to your email.

  3. Reserve your business name and continue registering your business if the name is available.

  4. Look up another business name if your first choice is unavailable.

Free Louisiana Business Name Search

See if your company name is available in Louisiana with our free business name search service. There is no cost or commitment on your part. We will email you within 1 hour to let you know if your name is available Alaska and how to reserve it today.

Swyft Filings’ platform is simple to use. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete these initial steps. Given that all new businesses in Louisiana undergo the same procedure, you can check these online tools whether you’re starting a small business, corporation, or another business entity.

Key Takeaways

  • The Louisiana Secretary of State has special naming conventions for new businesses. Review them before filing your LLC to ensure your name isn’t declined.

  • Your business name must be unique and not too similar to existing business entities in Louisiana’s Secretary of State database.

  • Business entity search services help you find a unique name for your business.

  • Tools and services offered by Swyft Filings are free to use and can help you register your business name quickly and securely.

Louisiana’s Business Naming Conventions

Naming your LLC in Louisiana comes with specific requirements. Be sure to respect the official naming requirements to register your business on the first try. Here’s what you should pay attention to:[1]

  • As a low-profit LLC, you must include the following in your denomination: “Low-profit limited liability company,” “L3C,” or “l3c.”

  • The name of your LLC must contain “limited liability company,” “LLC,” or “LC.”

  • Refrain from using any words that could suggest your business is engaged in an illegal activity or an activity not outlined in the Articles of Organization.

  • Ensure your business name is distinguishable from other registered business entities in the state.

  • Don’t include words that falsely suggest you’re a charitable organization.

  • Don’t use the word “insurance” unless you’re starting a brokerage or insurance firm.

  • If you want to include words like “engineering,” “engineer,” “surveying,” or their variations in your company’s name, you need approval from the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board.

  • If you want to include words like “bank,” “deposit,” “trust,” “credit union,” or their variations in your company’s name, you need approval from the Louisiana Commissioner of the Office of Financial Institutions.

  • The name shouldn’t include the phrase “doing business as” or its abbreviation (DBA).

  • The name shouldn’t contain words insinuating your company’s a government agency.

Remember that the Secretary of State has the full right to reject your business application if the name violates their naming conventions. They could also refrain from registering your business if your LLC name is hardly distinguishable from an existing business entity.

To make the most out of your business entity name search, trust Swyft Filings’ free search with the job.

The importance of a proper business entity search for your new Louisiana business is obvious. You get to check the name availability for your new LLC against all the registered businesses in the state. But the benefits don’t end here.

  • You get legal protection — In the unlikely scenario that you register a business name that already exists, you could get sued by the owner of that business. Or face other types of legal charges.

  • You’re a step closer to building your brand — The name is an essential element of your brand. People will be able to recognize your business by seeing or hearing its unique name. A strong and authentic name can also help you build a strong marketing campaign. 

  • You have an easy time creating a domain — A unique business name almost certainly implies a unique domain for your new website. Be consistent, name your website according to your business name, and make it easy for new clients to find you.

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Next Steps

You’ve found a business name that works and want to use it for your new LLC.

Here’s the overview of the next steps in the process.

Complete Your Name Reservation

You’ve found the perfect name for your company and want to wait a few days to set everything in order and form your LLC. However, when you search for the name again, you see someone had grabbed it while you were focusing on another step in the formation process.

The state of Louisiana allows you to avoid such scenarios by reserving the business name. According to the Louisiana Secretary of State website, you can reserve a business name for up to 120 days (four months).

You can do so by filling in an application for the reservation and paying a $25 fee. The fastest way to complete the process is to go through geauxBIZ (a site for launching a business in the state of Louisiana). Besides reserving your business name, this site allows you to register your business, file amendments, and much more.

If you want, you can mail the application for name reservation. The mailing address is:

Secretary of State, Commercial Division

P.O. Box 94125

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125

If you apply online, you can pay the fee using your credit or debit card. If you do it via mail, you should include a check addressed to the Secretary of State. Keep in mind that online filings get processed within 24 hours, while those sent by mail take three to five business days.

The state of Louisiana allows you to expedite the process for an additional fee. For $30, you can get 24-hour processing, and for $50, you can get 2-4 hour processing.

Choose a Domain Name

When starting a business, you have lots to consider. One of the critical items on your list should be the website through which you can reach customers, sell your products/services, and present information about yourself.

The website should be easy to use, engaging, and detailed. Most importantly, it should be easy to find. Let’s imagine you have a company named “Watersports Adventures.” If your domain name is “jetskiingandmore,” some people could assume that it’s not the same company. Not to mention if you choose a completely unrelated domain name like “enjoytheocean” or “havefun.”

Squarespace’s easy-to-use domain search tool can help you quickly find and register a domain name that matches your Louisiana business. You can then choose from Squarespace’s flexible website templates, pre-designed layouts, and curated design elements to build a website — no coding required. Start your business with Swyft Filings and receive a free domain from SquareSpace for one year.

Another option is to contact the domain name owner of the one you want and ask them to sell it. Remember that they may not be willing to do it, primarily if they use it for business purposes.

Consider a DBA

A DBA (doing business as) is essentially your company’s nickname. You can use this name for your marketing and social media campaigns, branding, customer communication, etc.

A DBA (also called a trade name) is typically similar to your company’s “real” name, but it doesn’t have to be. With a DBA, you can have two seemingly separate businesses without officially opening the second one. Of course, you can’t just come up with a DBA and start using it without the approval of the state of Louisiana.

Like regular business names, trade names must meet the state’s requirements. Therefore, before filing for a DBA, you must conduct a name search and ensure it’s available. Then, you’ll need to apply for DBA registration. You can do this online or by mail.

If you choose the former, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Louisiana geauxBIZ.

  2. Provide the required information.

  3. Pay the $75 filing fee.

Those who want to register a DBA by mail should download and fill out the Application for Reservation of Trade Name and send it to this address:[2]

Secretary of State, Commercial Division

P.O. Box 94125

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125

Remember that the DBA “expires” after ten years, and you must renew it. It may be wise to set a reminder and ensure you don’t lose your trade name after this period.

File Your LLC Online

If you’ve followed the instructions we’ve provided above, you’re a few steps closer to forming your LLC. Swyft Filings can help you submit formation documents to ensure everything’s compliant.

Our basic LLC filing service is free of charge (you’ll only need to pay state fees). We don’t leave existing business owners hanging — we’re always ready to help with business name changes, compliance documents, annual reports, etc.

Free Louisiana Business Name Search

Enter your desired Louisiana company name to see if it is available with our free business name search.


How do I find out if a business name is available in Louisiana?

Two easy options are at your disposal to check for business name availability in Louisiana: The Secretary of State’s Business Entity Search tool and Swyft Filings’ free service. These online tools look up existing business names in the official Louisiana database and tell you whether your desired name is available.

Anyone with access to the internet can use the Louisiana Business Entity Search tool. This tool is useful when starting a new business and looking for names, but it can also come in handy when searching for an existing business and its’ public information.

How do I find a business entity in Louisiana?

Registered business entities in Louisiana are registered on the Secretary of State’s website. A free option called Louisiana Business Filings Search lets you search entities by entity name, charter number, name reservation number, officer name, agent name, and more. Swyft Filings also offers the same free service.

How much does a Louisiana business entity search cost?

Searching for business entities in Louisiana is free of charge for all users.

What is the definition of a “business entity”?

A business entity is any organization that conducts business. According to the Louisiana Secretary of State, different types of business entities recognized in the state include sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships.[3]

A business entity search (LLC name search or a corporation search) provides access to the registered business entities in any particular state. Business entity searches benefit everyone starting a new business or looking for an existing one.


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Originally published on July 12, 2023, and last edited on December 05, 2023.
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