Verify Your Business Name With a Kansas Business Name Search

Conducting a Kansas business entity search saves you time and money in the incorporation process. This search confirms the availability of your desired business name.
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Swyft Filings is committed to providing accurate, reliable information to help you make informed decisions for your business. That's why our content is written and edited by professional editors, writers, and subject matter experts. Learn more about how Swyft Filings works, our editorial team and standards, what our customers think of us, and more on our trust page.

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Written by Catherine Cohen
Written byCatherine Cohen
Updated December 05, 2023
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So, you’ve finally decided it’s time to start your limited liability company. You’ll need to find a business name before moving on to other preparations, such as filing and registering. This might seem minor, but it’s crucial to incorporate your business with the state.

To find a business name, you’ll need to research to ensure it’s available. Your LLC name must also comply with the state of Kansas regulations. The Swyft Filings Kansas business name search tool helps you best meet these requirements. All it takes is three steps to find that perfect business name you’ve been looking for:

  1. Input your desired business name along with general information like your email address.

  2. Wait an hour while Swyft Filings runs the name through the Kansas State of Secretary Database. (You can use the time to plan out other elements of your future successful business.)

  3. Reserve the name if available, or try out a new one using the search tool if not.

It’s as simple as that. The Swyft Filings tool works quickly and can be valuable in finding your Kansas business name.

Free Kansas Business Name Search

See if your company name is available in Kansas with our free business name search service. There is no cost or commitment on your part. We will email you within 1 hour to let you know if your name is available Alaska and how to reserve it today.

This isn’t quite the end of the process. You’ll still need to ensure it complies with Kansas’ conventions, after which you can pursue the registration steps.

Key Takeaways

  • A Kansas business entity search is a convenient way to check your business name’s availability, amongst other benefits.

  • Your business name will need to comply with Kansas’ laws and regulations. These include aspects such as relevant abbreviations and certain word restrictions.

  • Once you’ve chosen your name, you can continue the process by reserving it, filing for a DBA, buying a domain name, and finally filing for your LLC.

  • Kansas doesn’t have a regular DBA filing process at the state level. You’ll have to contact your county clerk to enquire about one instead. The filing policies will differ from county to county.

Kansas’s Business Name Conventions

Understanding and applying Kansas’ rules and conventions for business naming is essential for registering your entity successfully. Essentially, it must comply with the Articles of Organization.

Like many states, Kansas requires that a business name be distinguishable or unique. However, Kansas is a bit more specific in this regard. The Secretary of State implies the term means “distinguishable upon the record.”

Even a slight change in spelling, an additional letter, or just one added word is enough for a name to be considered unique or distinguishable. Technically, even a small inflection makes the name unique as long as no same exact name exists in the Secretary of State’s record.

Let’s look at a few example cases to demonstrate acceptable word changes that are still distinguishable from the record.

  • Singular and plural variations. In Kansas, just a simple difference in a word’s singular and plural form is enough to make it distinguishable and accepted. The name “repair dog” would be considered different from “repairs dogs.”

  • Differentiations in number spelling or using the exact digits. The number “five hundred” is considered different from the digit “500.”

It’s also worth noting that many words and symbols will not be considered when searching for name availability.[1]

These words include:

  • Incorporated

  • Incorporation

  • LLC

  • Limited

  • Church

  • College

  • Club

  • Company

  • The articles and conjunctions “a,” to, “and,” “to,” and “who.”

  • The letter a, if it appears as an article for the name, such as “A business company” Here, “A” would be eliminated.

Above, you may notice that you would eliminate LLC and incorporation for availability checks. However, having the appropriate abbreviation for the relevant business structure would still be best. In addition to the words mentioned, it’s also worth noting that any type of symbol, such as dashes and ellipses, will be eliminated from the availability search when choosing your name.

Selecting a business name might seem difficult with all the additional rules.

With the help of a Kansas entity search, developing business owners can enjoy various benefits and conveniences, ultimately making the comprehensive process easier, faster, and less costly. Here’s how:

  • It assists you in finding a unique business entity name. Finding a business name can take considerable effort through regular research. However, an entity search will simplify that process, allowing you to conduct other incorporation tasks while you find your desired business name conveniently.

  • It helps you register your business faster. With naming out of the way, you can focus on filing for registration, ultimately bringing you one step closer to becoming a functional entity. It can save you countless hours of research.

  • It safeguards you from legal risks and losing resources. Imagine registering a business only to find the name is already taken. One outcome is filing for a business name again which drains additional resources. You also might be subject to legal fees and lawsuits due to another business having the same name. A business entity search will protect you from that.

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Next Steps

Complying with the state of Kansas rules for name availability is a great start. However, there are still things you’ll need to do to complete the business registration process. The information below will guide you through the process.

Complete Your Name Reservation

Once you’ve settled on a business name that complies with the rules, it’s time to reserve it. Doing so will give you 120 days to pay extra filing fees and paperwork to complete the business registration process:

  • Navigate to the Kansas Secretary of State Website filing center.

  • Click on the Name Reservation option. If you haven’t already done so, you must make an account with the Secretary of State.

  • Follow the instructions for the name reservation filings as noted on the document.

You can also use the different options in the filing center when you need a Certificate of Good Standing, a business entity search, or to file any annual reports.[2]

Choose a Domain Name

Once you’ve completed your name reservation, you’ll have 120 days to register your business and settle other essentials. Choosing the right domain name for your business is next on the list. A domain name is a website address that can direct customers and clients to a location on the internet where they can find relevant information on your new business.

With a suitable website address, your business can:

  • Have an organized source of online information. Customers and clients can learn everything they need about your business through your domain and website. It makes it convenient for customers to obtain relevant information such as your business address, prices, plans, business model, and vision.

  • Have a powerful branding and marketing tool. Many businesses maximize their marketing reach through their website. A domain name means anybody can search for your business. With the right strategy, you can have an almost limitless reach. It also gives viewers a chance to familiarize themselves with your brand identity.

  • Have a potential platform to recruit new employees and obtain new clients. It’s not uncommon for some businesses to use their website and domain as part of the workflow process. A domain represents a valuable opportunity to receive resumes, onboard new employees, and answer any customer or client questions.

Squarespace’s easy-to-use domain search tool can help you quickly find and register a domain name that matches your Kansas business. You can then choose from Squarespace’s flexible website templates, pre-designed layouts, and curated design elements to build a website — no coding required. Start your business with Swyft Filings and receive a free domain from SquareSpace for one year.

Consider a DBA

Many future business owners want to settle on a different name from their official one. If so, you might consider getting a DBA or “doing business as” arrangement. This allows you to work under a fictitious name rather than your official one.

States will frequently allow future business owners to file for a DBA or fictitious name at the Secretary of State’s office. However, in Kansas, this is not the case. The state doesn’t have a legal framework for applying for a DBA at the state level.[3]

Instead, this issue will vary depending on the county. To inquire about a potential DBA, it’s best to consult your local county clerk, as they will be able to inform you.

File Your LLC Online

So you’ve found the appropriate name, reserved it, registered a domain, and even considered a DBA. All that’s left is to file your LLC for registration. However, many business owners find this process confusing, time-consuming, and inconvenient.

If you feel the same way, the best option is to hire a service to do it for you. Swyft Filings takes care of the whole process by collecting and filing the necessary application forms. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to keep up with other responsibilities instead of filling out mountains of paperwork.

Free Kansas Business Name Search

Enter your desired Kansas company name to see if it is available with our free business name search.


How do I find out if a business name is available in Kansas?

You can find Kansas business name availability by doing an entity search with Swyft Filings’ easy-to-use search tool or using the search tool on the Kansas Secretary of State website.

What is the state’s searchable database of business entities?

The Business Entity Database allows you to view important information regarding businesses in Kansas. The Secretary of State regularly updates the database.

How do I find a business entity in Kansas?

You can find a business using the Business Entity Search (BESS). It will allow you to find a company along with necessary information such as trademarks and name availability. However, note that no sole proprietorships or partnerships of this type are marked in this database.

How much does a Kansas business entity search cost?

Any Kansas business entity search is free.

A business entity search and a name availability search allow future owners to find an available company name for their new business. This will help them avoid future legal complications.

How can I find a person’s address for a business in Kansas?

Some methods of finding a business address include doing a business entity search on or searching for it online through keywords.[4] You can also find some on other online business directories, such as the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.


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Originally published on July 12, 2023, and last edited on December 05, 2023.
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