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Swyft Filings General FAQs

Whether you’re thinking about incorporation costs, time frames, or anything in between, we have the answers to your most pressing questions.

How much does it cost to form a Corporation or LLC?

Swyft Filings charges $0 and only the state filing fees to incorporate your business. Filing fees vary from state to state. If you have a question about a specific state, feel free to email or contact us at 877-777-0450.

After completing my order, will I have to pay additional fees to your company?

No. For business filings, you paid the total price for your order at the time you placed it. 

However, if you signed up for the Swyft Filings Registered Agent Service, you will be charged for this service when the state grants your company a Certificate of Formation. This recurring fee will be automatically charged to your account for each period the service is active unless you change your Registered Agent with the State or dissolve your company.

When will my order be processed?

Orders are processed as they are received. However, clients that select Express Processing or Same Day Processing will have their orders processed before Standard Processing orders.

How long does the incorporation process take?

Incorporation times vary from state to state. Feel free to contact us by email or at 877-777-0450 for information on specific state processing times.

How do I open a company bank account?

Opening a business bank account can be an easy process when you have all the necessary documentation in place. For both an LLC and a Corporation you may need the following:

  • Federal Tax Identification Number

  • Articles of Organization or Certificate of Formation

  • Banking Resolution

What is an Operating Agreement and do I need one?

An operating agreement is an agreement among Members of an LLC that describes the business and the Member's financial and managerial rights and duties. Many states require an LLC to have an Operating Agreement. Having an Operating Agreement is highly recommended for all LLCs.

What is a Registered Agent

Naming an individual as your company's registered agent is a necessary part of incorporating any business. A registered agent's primary role is to receive any formal correspondence between government agencies and your business. The Swyft Filings registered agent service is designed to provide organizations of all types and sizes with an affordable and professional option to fulfill their registered agent requirements. Our registered agent services are available in all 50 states. Please visit our Registered Agent service page for more information and to order online.

What is an EIN and do I need one with my business?

An Employer Identification Number is a 9-digit code assigned to your company by the IRS. Obtaining an EIN is required before you can open a business bank account or hire employees on behalf of your company. Swyft Filings can help you obtain your EIN. Please visit Federal Tax ID service page for more information and to order online.

I need to revise my order. Will there be a cost for the change?

If you need to change your order please contact a client representative at 877-777-0450 as soon as possible. After reviewing the original order and the change you want to make, an estimate of the cost for the change, if any, will be provided to you.

What types of payments do your accept?

In order to make payment as easy as possible, Swyft Filings accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, checks and money orders. Please contact us by email or at 877-777-0450 if you have any questions about payment.

Do you ship to PO Box addresses?

Yes, our mail and shipping carrier delivers to P.O. Box addresses.

How do I setup an account with Swyft Fillings?

When you place an order an account is automatically created for you.

Can I track the current status of my order?

Yes. Simply login to your My Account to track your order. Or if you prefer, contact us at [email protected] or at 877-777-0450.

What are Bylaws and do I need them?

Bylaws are the written rules and regulations that are used to govern a business. Bylaws are required if you organize your business as a C or S corporation. Swfyt Filings can help you with this requirement.

As a Non-U.S. citizen can I form a U.S. company?

Yes, but there are some limitations. Please contact us by email or at 877-777-0450 and we will be happy to help you get the process started.

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