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Some states require you to file an Initial Report or a Statement of Information. These reports are often due within the first few months of operation and require you to disclose owner or director information, the registered agent and pay small fees. Each state that requires one varies. Don’t sweat the details, let us handle it for you.

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Each state has slightly different initial report requirements. While the purpose for most states is to update information on your business, some states also require revenue information. Rather than research and figure out exactly what you need, let our professionals handle it for you.

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Messing up these annoying administrative tasks can be the death knell for your company. At best, forgetting to file or filing improperly can result in additional fines and fees. At worst, it can be the reason your business gets shut down.

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Initial Report Service FAQs

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The requirement to file an initial report (which is really any report due before your one-year anniversary) varies by state. Our automated process will notify you if there is an Initial Report due in your state. You may also check our learning center for the details in your state.
Usually, they are due within a month or two from when you incorporate. This exact deadline varies in each state. We will send you a reminder through our automated system when your due date approaches. You can also check our learning center for more or contact one of our business professionals.
The complexity of the initial report varies by state. Generally speaking, you must usually provide updated information regarding location and owners. Our specialists know exactly what information you will need.
This, too, varies by states. Rarely do the states disclose any financial information provided to them. Some states, however, do disclose ownership or other basic information. If you are concerned about that, you can visit with one of our business specialists who may help you convert your entity to a state where there are less disclosures.
States impose fines and penalties if you fail to file your initial report or file it late. More importantly, many states will suspend or terminate your entity if you fail to make the proper filings.

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