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The saying goes, “all good things come to an end.” Sometimes, that applies in business. If you need to terminate your corporation, limited partnership or LLC, we can help you file the necessary paperwork to get it done in your state so you can move on.

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With a few clicks, we can help terminate or dissolve your business with your state.

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Companies terminate or dissolve for a number of reasons. It can sometimes be stressful so you don’t need to add to the stress by wondering whether your company has filed the right paperwork with the state. Let us take care of it for you.

Why You Should Let Swyft Filings Handle Your Corporate Dissolution Or Termination

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience handling every type of filing for customers of all sizes.
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Swyft Filings knows exactly what needs to be filed to end any further obligations you may have with the state. Let us do it, so you don’t have to worry about any additional fees or taxes mounting because of some administrative paperwork.

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Through your secure online account, you can complete the process often with a few clicks of the mouse and then let our business professionals take over.

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Each state has slightly different requirements. Rather than research and figure out exactly what you need, let our professionals handle it for you.


If you don’t file the necessary paperwork, your state may still try to assess or collect taxes from your company, or worse, from you individually. With our professional filings, you can make sure the right paperwork is filed to make sure the state knows you are no longer in business and you can move on.

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Dissolution Service FAQs

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Dissolution is the process of formally winding down or terminating your business. In addition to a final accounting of the assets and liabilities you will have to file the necessary paperwork with your state. A proper dissolution should also be documented with the proper corporate resolutions.
You will need to file the necessary paperwork in the state where you incorporated and any states where you foreign qualified to do business. Many states call it a Certificate of Dissolution or Articles of Dissolution. Some states will not allow this until there is confirmation that all due tax payments have been paid.
Just because you decided to shut down does not end the business’s filing and tax obligations. You will need to formalize the closing with the IRS and the state entities. To make sure you are no longer on the hook for paying annual fees, filing annual reports, and paying business taxes, you have to file your official documents with the state. Failing to do so allows for fees and fines to mount for which you can be personally liable.
Withdrawal is a term that generally means you withdraw from doing business in a particular state, but not wrapping up business overall. If you foreign qualified to do business in another state, but no longer do so, you would file a withdrawal to terminate your reporting requirements in that state without terminating your entire business.

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