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  • business name change
    Name Change

    Sometimes you may need to change your business name because of a competitor or you simply want to pivot in a new direction. When you make such a change, you normally have to file paperwork with the state. We can help you.

  • Update Company Information

    Some states may require you to file the necessary paperwork to update some of the basic company information that may include your principal office address, the name of your officers or directors. Let us handle it for you so you know it is done right and you can focus on your business.

  • Need To Issue More Shares

    When you originally formed your company you likely provided a number of authorized shares. Now, things have changed. To allow for the issuance of additional shares, you may need to file an amendment with the state. Talk to one of our business professionals about this today.

  • Sometimes, It’s Just a Typo

    We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, if it was a mistake in your original filing, you may have to file an amendment to fix it. We can help.

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Amendments and Name Change Service FAQs

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In the general sense, an amendment is any change made to a document. In this context, the amendment is a change to the formal documents that are filed with your Secretary of State. In those situations, you will likely have to file a formal and official amendment with the Secretary of State.

If you make any change to documents filed with the Secretary of State which usually include your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization or your annual reports. Some more common changes include changes to the name, changes to the principal office, the company purpose, the name of officers, directors or owners, authorized shares, registered agent and to fix typos.

Through your secure online account, you notify us of your needed changes and we take it from there. We prepare the necessary paperwork, make the necessary filing with the right people so that you don’t have to worry about it. When it is filed and available, we upload the amendment to your account so it is available to you at any time.


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