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National Veterans Small Business Week

National Veterans Small Business Week | Swyft Filings

Military veterans have established more than 2.5 million businesses in the United States. These veteran majority-owned businesses vary across nearly all industries and help generate more than $1 trillion annually for the U.S. economy. Every year, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recognizes the impact of these veteran-owned businesses during National Veterans Small Business Week. Keep reading to learn more about this yearly celebration and ways you can get involved.

What Is National Veterans Small Business Week?

In 2021, National Veterans Small Business Week starts November 1 and will go through November 5. The SBA encourages those participating in National Veterans Small Business Week to focus on veterans and look for opportunities on a local and national level to raise awareness for veterans' issues and the importance of sustaining their small business efforts. The SBA alongside local and national partners will hold events both online and in-person throughout the week. You can find local National Veterans Small Business Week events using the SBA events tool.

Why National Veterans Small Business Week Matters

Veterans and their families have sacrificed much to serve their country. They're at higher risk for mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), substance abuse, and health complications associated with their service. Honoring this community through national celebrations like National Veterans Small Business Week can be a small but effective way to show your support and give back.

Gives Your Community an Opportunity to Honor Veterans

There are more than 17 million veterans in the U.S., but often this group goes unnoticed. National Veterans Small Business Week can help communities large and small search out veterans and give them recognition, both for their service and the entrepreneurial efforts that continue to better the people and places they continue to serve.

Allows Veterans A Chance to Share Their Story

As you and your community work to connect with veterans, you may help provide a platform for vets to share their stories. Letting veterans know that you're listening helps honor their stories and amplify their experiences.

Helps With Transition Back to Civilian Life

The transition from military life back to civilian life can be a long and complicated process for many. Sharing support for veterans is crucial for a successful transition. National Veterans Small Business Week is one of many opportunities Americans have throughout the year to get involved and extend a hand of gratitude to the vet community.

Raises Awareness for Training & Education Opportunities Available to Vets

National Veterans Small Business Week can help raise awareness for veterans and help guide them toward the many educational and financial resources available, including Boots to Business programs and local Veterans Business Outreach Centers.

7 Ways to Support Veteran-Owned Businesses During National Veterans Small Business Week

Ready to show your support to vets during National Veterans Small Business Week? Start today with these seven simple tips.

1. Locate Local Veteran-Owned Businesses

Veterans are our neighbors, school teachers, police officers, and firefighters, and they often go most of their life without being recognized for their military service. For this reason, locating the veteran-owned business in your area is often the first step towards showing support. You can start your search for certified veteran-owned businesses by visiting Veteranownedbusiness.com or the American Veteran Owned Business Association.

2. Visit & Support Throughout the Week

After you have located the veteran-owned businesses in your area, make a plan to visit as many as possible. If you don't have the time or money to purchase their goods and services, you can also show support by spreading the word in your social circles and on social media.

3. Purchase Gift Cards for Friends & Family

Another easy way to give back without buying more stuff is purchasing gift cards from veteran-owned businesses throughout the week. You can use gift cards throughout the year or give them to friends and family members as gifts. Christmas is coming up soon.

4. Donate to Nonprofits & Local Advocacy Groups

Chances are there are nonprofits and other organizations in your area dedicated to supporting veterans all year long. Choosing to give your time or money to these organizations can help veterans in need both in and outside the local business community.

5. Consider Hiring Veterans at Your Business

If you are a business owner, consider hiring a veteran. Vets can be a valuable asset to nearly any business, and as employees, they are often great leaders with incredible work ethics. There may also be tax incentives available to your company for hiring veterans.

6. Volunteer Your Time or Offer to Mentor a Veteran

If you know a veteran in your area who is struggling to start or run a small business, consider becoming a mentor. No matter your skillset or expertise, chances are a small business owner would love to hear your advice.

Small business owners often have to wear many hats, including marketer, accountant, salesman, and more. If you know any skills that help a small business run, consider sharing them with a veteran-owned business during National Veterans Small Business Week.

7. Share Your Experience With National Veterans Small Business Week Online & In-Person

Today, National Veterans Small Business Week is not well-known. You can help change that by sharing your Veterans Small Business Week experiences with others. When sharing on social media, consider using hashtags like #VetBiz. Encourage local friends and family to participate with you and share why veterans and small business owners are important to you.

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