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Trademark Engine Announces Grant Winners

A few weeks ago, we announced our Swyft Filings Grant Giveaway recipients and have since been telling their amazing small business stories. This inspired our good friends at Trademark Engine, a Houston-based trademark filing service, to start their own grant program, proving that one charitable deed can indeed cause a ripple effect of goodwill. Trademark Engine's program, called "On Your Mark, Get Set, Thrive," has recently announced its grant recipients, and we'd like to share their stories with you.

Ballethnic Dance Company


Ballethnic Dance Company began in 1990 as a husband and wife team with a dream to teach ballet to those who have been shut out of the genre, including people of color and people with non-traditional body types. They innovate the art by incorporating other dance forms such as African dance. COVID-19 restrictions forced the company to postpone the debut of their new ballet, The Leopard Tale, much to the disappointment of cast, crew, and ticket-holders.  

Learn more about Ballethnic Dance Company's inspiring story here.

Lord Jameson

Swyft Filings Lord Jameson

Lord Jameson makes high-quality, organic dog treats and donates the proceeds to animal welfare organizations. While COVID-19 has devastated the business, the real impact is far more personal. Both company founder Sarah Goldberger and her young son were diagnosed with the disease. Despite weeks of lost productivity while caring for herself and her son, Goldberger ensures the company provides resources to help pet parents in these trying times.

Read Lord Jameson's story here.  


Swyft Filings SIMPLi

SIMPLi works directly with farmers in international communities to bring food to US businesses. They handle the entire food supply chain, cutting out the middlemen to provide competitive prices without putting financial pressure on farmers. The Trademark Engine grant will help support SIMPLiGood employees, farmers, and their families.

Read more about SIMPLi and the communities they serve here

Global College Pipeline Initiative

Swyft Filings GCP

The Global College Pipeline Initiative is a Tennessee-based nonprofit that uses innovative academic and social experiences to help high school students succeed in their own lives and positively impact the lives of others. Once completed, this program guarantees students admission to a GCP partner university. The pandemic forced GCP to suspend in-school programs, but Trademark Engine's grant will help pay independent contractors to continue the vital work remotely.

Learn more about GCP's story here

1For1 Water

girl drinking water 1for1

1For1 Water sells natural spring water in eco-friendly, biodegradable bottles. For every bottle bought, they donate one liter of clean, sustainable drinking water to people in desperate need of it. Most of 1For1's sales come from coffee shops and restaurants, and social distancing has depleted their monthly revenue. Despite this setback, 1For1 still works to empower compassionate people to positively impact the global water crisis every day.

Learn more about 1For1's effort here

Over 250 applications were submitted. Some applicants not selected for a full grant received other awards, including purchased products and numerous smaller donations.

Trademark Engine Embraces Empathy

"When we first started Trademark Engine, we asked our employees to select our most important grassroots core values," said Trademark Engine General Manager Sky Barron.  "They chose empathy, making it clear that we believe in putting people first and caring for our colleagues and customers as human beings. All the grant recipients embody that core value. Each uplifts the underserved, which resonates well for this cultural moment in which humans need to rely on each other so deeply."

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