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Swyft Gives Back to Hometown: Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

We hope you will forgive us for being a little slow in getting this post up and launching this campaign. We've been a little busy. Hopefully, you have NOT noticed.

Swyft Filings is based in Houston, and despite the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey on our hometown, we've done our best to keep your filings timely.

We only got access to our office today, and many members of our team have been dealing with flood waters and cleaning up in their homes. Despite this, the dedicated Swift Filings team kept at it. Part of our team even created a temporary makeshift office in the garage to keep our filings going. We have always known we have the best team in the business, and they proved it again this week. Most importantly, although we all have our stories to tell, we are all safe.

Many from the Swyft Filings team grew up in Houston and love this town. We will all tell you we have never seen or experienced anything like this and wouldn’t mind if we never do again. But, one of the things that makes this city great is its can-do attitude. We don’t care where you came from, who your momma or daddy are, or what you did before you got here. If you come here and work hard, Houston has a place for you.

The Swyft Filings team members and the cities affected by Harvey will both rebuild, recover, and go on to do even better. We've taken the initial steps to return to a sense of normalcy through help from each other, our friends, our houses of worship, or neighbors, and even complete strangers who offered a helping hand last week.

Swyft Gives Back

Now, it is time for us, as a company, to pitch in and help. That is why we are donating $1 for every order we receive during the month of September toward Houston’s recovery efforts. Once we tally that figure, we are then going to double it.

We hope you join us in these efforts. While we may not be able to match the fundraising efforts Houston Texans of J.J. Watt (we’d like to see him form a non-profit, file a 501(c)(3) application, form an LLC, form a C Corp, obtain an EIN and hire a registered agent all in the first hour of the workday), we feel called to do our part.

This will be the first of our Swyft Gives Back campaigns. We will share more with you as the program develops and grows, but we are committed to helping the non-profits we've guided through the formation process grow and prosper. We hope you will join us.

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