Opportunities to Build Upon Your Success During Entrepreneurship Month

Opportunities to Build Upon Your Success During Entrepreneurship Month

Entrepreneurs are creative and resourceful. They spot and seize opportunities and turn those ideas into successful small businesses. Some of those small businesses grow into household names, iconic brands, and world-changing innovations.

What Is National Entrepreneurship Month?

Occurring each year in November, National Entrepreneurship Month celebrates the innovation, enthusiasm, vision, and success of the nearly 16% of the U.S. adult population that are business owners. The month-long celebration gives entrepreneurs everywhere the opportunity to celebrate their success and learn even more ways to succeed in small business.

Here are some ideas for entrepreneurs to take advantage of during this auspicious month.

Attend Special Entrepreneurship Events

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce about local in-person events and virtual entrepreneurship celebrations in November. Many events feature knowledgeable speakers. Hearing from successful serial entrepreneurs about how they started and developed their businesses and the challenges they experienced along the way can give you great ideas and inspiration for your own endeavors. If the event is in person, you can meet and learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Hang Out on Social Media

You’ll find many social channels open for business when it comes to National Entrepreneurship Month. These include social media for specific days during November, including #Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (November 19) and #SmallBusinessSaturday (November 27).

You can hold a month-long party on your business’s social channels. Offer promotions for the month and solicit customer engagement and feedback via polls and surveys. Make sure to share any in-person or virtual events your company participates in or holds. Sharing on socials during the month will show your customers that you’re proud to be an entrepreneur.

Check Out Entrepreneur-Focused Self-Help Content

Take the opportunity to read the many entrepreneur-focused tips you’ll find online and in books published by seasoned entrepreneurs. Other small biz owners have a wealth of information to share about their journeys to success.

If inspired, don’t hesitate to include your story of entrepreneurship in your newsletter and on your website and blog. By doing so, you’ll be adding to the collective voice of small business owners around the globe when you share your entrepreneurial wisdom. Your words might even inspire others to join the ranks of small business owners.

Collaborate With Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

November is a perfect time to reach out to other entrepreneurs. Suggest that you put your heads together for a joint venture that shines a light on all of your considerable talents and fabulous products.

This approach generally works best with businesses offering complementary products and services. Co-organize an in-person or virtual experience for your combined customers and clients. This will open your company up to potential new business. You will also learn from each other’s methods for running a successful small business.

Celebrate with Your Customers

Offer your customers and clients discounts or freebies in honor of National Entrepreneurship Month. This could occur during a weeklong celebration when you give 10 percent off products and services — for instance, during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 14-20).

Consider holding an open house at your brick-and-mortar or a virtual event if you don’t have a physical storefront. Some great days for such events in November include National Entrepreneur Day (November 16) and Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday).

During the events, be sure to share your entrepreneurial journey. Your customers will appreciate the challenges you have faced to make your company and its products and services a reality.

Become a Mentor to Future Entrepreneurs

There are plenty of talented people considering taking the leap to entrepreneurship, and just as many small business owners who are newbies. Many of these hopeful entrepreneurs are looking for guidance and support. You can provide them direction by becoming a mentor in honor of Entrepreneurship Month.

As a mentor, you experience the fulfillment and satisfaction of sharing your entrepreneurial journey and encouraging others to take the same exhilarating path. Even better, many mentors find that they also learn a great deal from their mentees.

Pulling it All Together

After you’ve become enlightened and inspired by all the great tips and tricks you’ve learned during National Entrepreneurship Month, take some time to reflect on the future of your small business.

Chances are you will have learned a great deal this month about how to improve your business. Once you’ve done your homework, take all those lessons to heart and craft a plan to make your small business even better moving forward. With the lessons you learned during Entrepreneurship Month fresh in your mind, it’s a great time to make plans for future small business success.

Consider targeting the aspects of your business you’d like to improve. Then set goals for how you’ll improve your business in each area. For instance, brainstorm steps to improve customer service, research and product development, marketing and sales, and motivating employees. Then develop a plan for putting those steps into action.

List the challenges your company has faced over the past year and the ones you’re currently facing. Consider tackling those issues by employing the methods you have seen other entrepreneurs use successfully. For example, you could make plans to improve employee retention and management or brainstorm ideas for tackling supply chain and inventory challenges.

Take Your Entrepreneurship to the Next Level

If you already have a small business you’re planning to elevate even further after learning entrepreneurial skills this month, consider signing up for Swyft Filing’s registered agent service. We’re happy to ensure that your company fulfills all registered agent requirements so you can focus your efforts on your exciting and unique entrepreneurship journey.

Originally published on October 21, 2022, and last edited on January 18, 2023.

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