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13 Places for Entrepreneurs to Find Inspiration

13 Places for Entrepreneurs to Find Inspiration | Swyft Filings

When you’re an entrepreneur at heart, you want to take charge and start your own business. To run your own enterprise, you need an inspired idea. With all the companies out there, it can be overwhelming to think up a concept for your own unique product or service. Here are some places to look for your next big business idea.

Draw Inspiration from Everyday Life

Take a close look at your daily routines and keep an eye out for areas that could use some improvement. Do you face particular challenges regularly that a business idea could solve? Are the problems you face universal ones? If so, you could have a blockbuster of a solution.

1. Do Some Eavesdropping

Listening to people can give you a plethora of ideas and inspiration. When you overhear family, friends, or even strangers talking about pain points or what they enjoy doing and want to do more of, this can lead to business concepts that fill a need or niche.

2. Look for Trends on Social Media

Practice what is known as social listening. This refers to monitoring what people are saying on social media. Trends tend to pop up first on social platforms. 

Research the subject if you start seeing people mentioning the same topic repeatedly, and determine if it intrigues you. Embracing a trend and starting a company based on the topic before anyone else can create an exciting and thriving new business journey for you.

3. Meet with Like Minded Souls

Online chat boards, social media special interest groups, and in-person events like tradeshows are just some places where you can unite with people with similar interests. 

Such settings are often ripe with ideas worth exploring. When you meet like-minded entrepreneurs and bounce ideas off one another, this can be an uplifting and inspiring experience for everyone.

4. Change Your Scenery

Sometimes it’s necessary to shake up your routine to reflect and get creative. Vacations, even mini ones, are well known for being exhilarating. 

Traveling to another locale can put you into a brainstorming mindset where you tap into your dreams and desires and access what it is you want to do with your life. Once you’re in that receiving state of mind, that is when great ideas are likely to flood in.

5. Meditate

13 Places for Entrepreneurs to Find Inspiration 2 | Swyft Filings

Those who meditate find that ideas come to them when they quiet their minds. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Get comfortable and close your eyes and imagine you are looking at a giant whiteboard in your mind. Wait to see what ideas pop up on the whiteboard. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your blank canvas. Once done meditating, write down the ideas that came forth during the experience.

6. Daydream

Letting your thoughts wander is an excellent way to arrive at a brilliant business concept. Take time out of your day to fantasize about how you’d like your life to be. 

Picture yourself as a successful entrepreneur. What are you doing? Who are your customers? You may find that a brilliant business idea is hiding within your daydreams.

7. Read

Highly successful entrepreneurs read. And they read a lot. Take the time to read books, blogs, and other information on subjects that interest you, including ways to improve as an entrepreneur. Reading is all about ideas. The more you read, the more thoughts you are sure to discover.

8. Journal

Successful business owners also write. Get a journal for jotting down ideas and keep it with you at all times so you can keep track of inspirations before you lose them. 

Also, use the journal to chronicle your journey as an entrepreneur. Periodically reading over your writings will show you your progress and may result in discovering viable business ideas.

9. Continue Learning

Times change rapidly. If you want to keep up, getting involved in continuing education is a wise idea. Attending classes and seminars is bound to inspire a wide variety of ideas—one or more of which could make an excellent base for a company.

10. Exercise

Moving your body is a great way to get the blood flowing and release endorphins. When this occurs, you feel good and can flex your mind more. You’re bound to come up with great ideas for a company when you’re thinking more clearly. As soon as you finish your workout, take the time to jot down any thoughts that may have occurred to you during your exercise session.

11. Consider Every Idea

We think thousands of thoughts a day. It’s possible that one or more of those thoughts could contain the seeds for a spectacular business idea. When you have what seems like random ideas, take notice. You might be surprised to find a gem of a business concept tucked within those thoughts.

12. Look Closely at Your Failures

If you’ve already tried to launch a business, but it wasn’t successful, take note of what went right. Most shortcomings have a silver lining. This often consists of lessons you learned along the way. You may find a gold nugget of a business idea within those lessons.

13. Visit Local Businesses

A great way to develop your business concept is to visit companies in your area. Watching how they operate may inspire you with an offshoot idea. 

Carefully analyzing your competition also allows you to see where such companies are falling short and how you could fill in the gaps. This could provide the seeds of your own unique and exciting business idea.

Once you’re inspired and develop your business idea, get started by filing an LLC with Swyft Filings. The process is easy, and we have experts available to help make your dream of being a business owner a reality. 

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