Although many people think that starting a small business means that you need a tangible item to sell, lots of emerging small business owners are instead selling services. There are great benefits to selling a service as opposed to selling a good. You get to spend time getting paid to do something you love! But on the other hand, you will most likely be spending your time with people, since customer service goes hand-in-hand with operating a service-based business. This means that more introverted people might find this type of business draining to run.

If you’re wanting to start a service-oriented company, you’ve got a couple of options. You can provide a service to people who need that service, or you can teach others how to do the service themselves.

Read ahead for some questions that will help you narrow your focus:

Do something for others

What do you like to do?
When you’re deciding what type of service you’d like to provide, this the first and most important question. If you make a service your profession, it’s a must that you find satisfaction in it! Think about the things you spend the most time doing. Do you enjoy any hobbies? What are they? Is there something you do at work that you really enjoy? These questions can help point you in the direction of a skill you may have to share.

What needs do people around you have?
Your skill may be very enjoyable, but unless there are people that will find your skill useful, you won’t be able to create a profitable business. Take a few moments and think about your friends, relatives, neighbors, and social media contacts. Do you see any patterns in what they need someone to help them with? Is there anything that you’ve been asked to do by a few different people?

Who will you serve?
Certain services may be more appropriately marketed towards businesses while other services will be geared towards individuals. Think through who may need the service you’ve decided to offer. This will effect the success of your business. For example, if you’re offering a service that is most appropriately geared towards a business, but you live in an area that is mainly residential with few companies, your business idea is not likely to succeed. Make sure there is a market for the service you want to provide.

Help others learn

What are you really good at?
You can start a business based around a skill you have. Some examples are musical talents, computer programming, design, fitness training, organizational skills, cooking, and cleaning. Be creative. But remember, in order to teach a skill, you must be incredibly proficient. No one would hire a music teacher who cannot actually play a song, right? So make sure you have an honest assessment of the skill you would like to share. Run this idea by friends and family, asking them for impartial criticism.

Are you good at teaching?
Some incredibly talented people just aren’t made to teach. It’s important that you be a people-person if you’re choosing to share your skills with a student. Again, ask for honest feedback from your close friends and family members. Do you have the patience to deal with beginners? Do you have a knack for helping people understand how to do what you’re great at?

Who do you want to teach?
You can choose to teach individuals or groups. Do you prefer one-on-one interactions, or do you like being in front of a medium to large sized group? The skill you choose to share may dictate this choice for you. You may be able to teach Spanish to a large group, but that sized crowd might not be able to learn a more hands on skill all at once.

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