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Advantages of forming an S Corp

The most notable benefit provided to S Corps is their “pass through” taxation status, which can help owners reduce their overall tax liability. Also, S Corporations are unique in that they have the ability to distribute stock, but only to a limited number owners.

Why choose an S Corp?

Personal Asset Protection
Pass-Through Taxation
Ability to Raise Capital
Limited Option to Sell Shares

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Common Questions About Starting an S Corporation

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  • What are the primary advantages of an S Corporation?

    The S Corporation structure is very similar to the C Corporation, with a few notable differences. The most important of these differences is that S Corporations are eligible for special pass through taxation status with the IRS. This allows S Corporation owners to avoid double taxation on their business income.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can file to form an S Corporation?

    Outside of some state-specific regulations that require individuals to be 18 to own a business, there are no restrictions on who can form a corporation. However, if a corporation decides to elect for S Corporation status, there are several restrictions placed on who can become part of the organizations ownership. They are as follows:

    • • All S Corporation shareholders must be legal citizens of the United States.
    • • S Corporations are only able to distribute one uniform class of stock.
    • • S Corporation are limited to 100 different shareholders
    • • Subsidiary organizations may not have an ownership interest in an S Corporation; all shareholders must be individuals.
  • What are the tax implications of an S Corporation?

    One of the most common reasons that business owners elect to form an S Corporation is that the structure is eligible for pass-through taxation. Under this special tax status, the corporation is never taxed on its income. Instead, each individual owner is taxed on the company's profits and losses, as they are distributed and reflected on their personal income tax returns.

  • Are there a required number of individuals needed to form an S Corporation?

    Most states only require one director in order to start an S Corporation. However, some states impose a minimum number of directors based on the number of shareholders the company has. This required number is typically never lower than three and there is no maximum limit.

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