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We’re a team of passionate business journalists, editors, advisors, lawyers and data scientists — and we’re committed to providing you with accurate, relevant business information and Swyftly created business formations

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How Swyft Filings Works

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What Swyft Filings Is

Swyft Filings is a business formation service that automates the filing process for entrepreneurs, making it easier to get their LLC, C corporation, S corporation, or nonprofit off the ground. We pride ourselves on offering an automated process that’s efficient and affordable.

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What Swyft Filings Isn’t

We’re not lawyers, although we do have subject matter experts on our team. You won’t be getting any legal advice from us.

How it Works

We’ve taken the work out of filing state documentation. You can complete our simple questionnaire in as little as 10 minutes.

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Swyft Filings Highlights

300,000+ Businesses Assisted

We’ve helped small business owners get off the ground and incorporate over 300,000 businesses.

Compliance Experts

We don’t just help file your business online, we also keep your business compliant by helping you create and file annual reports, foreign qualifications, EINs, and more.

Editorial Standards

If you have more questions, please give us a call at (877) 777-0450. We love to help!Get to know the processes, standards, and sources used by Swyft Filings’ editorial team to create content. For a closer look at our team, visit our editorial team page.Get to know the processes, standards, and sources used by Swyft Filings’ editorial team to create content. For a closer look at our team, visit our editorial team page.

Editorial Policy

Our mission is to break down the incorporation process in a way that’s simple to understand for readers at any step of their business journey. Whether you’re just now thinking about creating an LLC, looking to file for S corp status, creating a C corp, or anything in between, our team is ready to provide objective, well-researched, and accurate resources to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Our team is made up of industry professionals, subject matter experts, and experienced business editors focused on sharing the latest trends and research with readers. While Swyft Filings does have partnerships with a number of companies, we maintain strict editorial independence. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased, trustworthy content.

The Swyft Filings Editorial Process

Experienced business writers are responsible for writing every piece of Swyft Filings content, from our comprehensive guides to timely blog articles. Because our content touches on very important topics related to your business, our editorial standards include rigorous fact-checking and editing by our internal editorial team as well as subject matter experts. Our goal is to provide readers with only the most high-quality, easy-to-understand content.

We make it a point to stay up-to-date with changing regulations and laws so that our content can be updated as quickly as possible when needed. That’s why every piece of content is vetted for accuracy, objectivity, and readability.

Data Sourcing Standards

Researching plays a key role in our content creation and editorial process. Our business writers seek out trustworthy, independent sources when writing content for Swyft Filings. Likewise, our editorial team and subject matter experts use unbiased third-party sources such as surveys, studies, and data from government agencies to make sure we provide accurate information. 

In our research, we cite information from trusted sources such as the National Federation of Independent Business and the National Small Business Association. We also reference data from government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service and the Small Business Administration, and routinely review documents from each state’s Secretary of State office.

We conduct our own research by referencing internal data, allowing us to provide unique insights and perspectives to our content.

User Data and Privacy Policy

Swyft Filings will never sell user information. However, we do disclose personal information to group companies, business partners, and certain third-party service providers.

Read Swyft Filings’ Complete Privacy Policy

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Swyft Research

Swyft Filings is proud to present data-driven reports that shed light on the state of entrepreneurship and small business ownership in the United States. Our team of data scientists produce timely, relevant reports, from local rankings to national surveys. Our main focus is small business formation research in the United States, though we often delve into other trends in small business ownership including employment, operating costs, and industry-level statistics.

Research Methodology

Our methodology is driven by a combination of internal and external data sources. Internally, our data is anchored by our proprietary database, a rich source of information on over 300,000 small businesses across all 50 states. This gives Swyft Filings direct access to real-time data and enables us to create early and reliable reports. The extensive coverage of small businesses provided by this data is vital for analyzing trends, patterns, and insights that are relevant to our readers.

When internal data sources aren’t enough, Swyft Filings leverages external data sets vetted by our team for their recency and reputability. Doing this allows us to expand the scope of our research and give readers a more comprehensive industry analysis.

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Meet the Editorial Team

Our editorial team has years of professional experience in research, editing, and small business writing.

Editorial Leadership

Kacie Saxer-Taulbee Profile Image

Kacie Saxer-Taulbee

Director of Content Strategy & Product Marketing

Kacie, the Director of Content Strategy and Product Marketing at Swyft Filings, is a recognized authority in small business. With a background in editorial leadership and a dedication rooted in her family's local businesses, she specializes in guiding entrepreneurs through starting and maintaining a company, trademarks, legal documents, and entrepreneurship. Kacie has been featured in various publications such as Business Insider, ABC News, and Yahoo Finance.

Zachary Ace Aiuppa Profile Photo

Zac Aiuppa

Managing Editor

With extensive experience crafting and editing diverse written work, Zac is a master wordsmith who delivers clear, concise, and engaging content. His portfolio includes books, blogs, market commentaries, scripts, speeches, news articles, and more.

Editorial Team

Carlos Serrano Profile Photo

Carlos Serrano


Carlos Serrano is a copywriter and editor for Swyft Filings. He has over 10 years of experience writing and editing content in various industries, including small business formation and finance.

Catherine Cohen Profile

Catherine Cohen

Business Editor

With a background in creative writing and a passion for entrepreneurship, Catherine brings a unique perspective to her writing. Her blog posts are insightful, informative, and engaging, helping entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the complexities of starting and growing a successful business.

Alexis Konovodoff

Alexis Konovodoff

Business Editor

Alexis Konovodoff is a copywriter and editor with years of experience in journalism, editing, and social media. She has worked at Swyft Filings since 2021 and specializes in small business solutions.

Research Team

Alexandra Conza Swyft Filings Profile Image

Alexandra Conza

Research Content & Product Marketing Manager

Alexandra combines her expertise in quantitative analysis and data-driven storytelling with a deep understanding of market trends in the small business and entrepreneurship sphere. She specializes in designing studies and interpreting data to craft engaging narratives for a broad audience. Her research has been featured in prominent publications including MSN, Forbes, and SFGate.

Swyft Filings Contributors

Photo of Kevin McGrath, Swyft Filings contributor

Kevin McGrath

Kevin specializes in crafting content that helps small business owners make informed decisions.

Polina Solovyeva Profile Photo

Polina Solovyeva

Polina Solovyeva is a freelance writer and founder of Deeper than Copy. She’s passionate about helping business owners start and run their own businesses.

Maria Sanchez Profile Photo

Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez is a personal finance writer specializing in business formation and insurance. With an interest in educational content and supporting small business owners, she joined Swyft Filings in 2022 as a contributor.

Megan Ferringer Profile Photo

Megan Ferringer

Megan has more than 10 years of experience helping businesses sharpen their competitive edge, reach the right audiences, and navigate change — all through the power of storytelling. From working at a global non-profit organization, boutique marketing agencies in Chicago, and fast-growing software companies, her goal is to empower businesses by giving them the insights they need.

Kendall Currier Profile Photo

Kendall Currier

Kendall Currier has been a contributing writer for Swyft Filings since 2020, specializing in trademarks, copyrights, and small businesses. She resides in Philadelphia and works as an artist and serial side hustler.

Julie Bawden-Davis Profile Photo

Julie Bawden-Davis

Julie Bawden-Davis is a widely published journalist, author, and publisher specializing in small business and entrepreneurship. She has written several books and more than 3,500 articles for a wide variety of publications, including Parade.com, the Los Angeles Times, American Express Business Trends & Insights, The Orange County Register, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Hartford, Entrepreneur, Mint.com, Living on the Cheap, Chron.com, MSN Money Talk News, Fox Business, and Forbes. She is also a small business owner.

Charlie Mitchell profile photo

Charlie Mitchell

Charlie Mitchell’s journalism has appeared in The Guardian, Vox, and many other outlets. He was previously an insurance writer at Insurify.

Check out what our customers are saying about their experience with us.

Swyft Filings helped us create our corporation and take care of time-consuming administrative tasks that can distract us from our mission. We are grateful for their commitment to assisting businesses like ours.
Bill Beverly
Bill BeverlyCo-Owner, Evolectric
The Swyft Filings team answered all of our questions so promptly and satisfied all the legal documents we needed to get up and running as quickly as possible. It was a huge stress-reliever, and we would recommend your services over and over again.
Kimberly and Caila Brigandi
Kimberly and Caila BrigandiCo-Owners, Gandi Girls Boutique
As small business owners, we often feel insignificant to those outside of our demographic. When a company like Swyft Filings steps up to help small businesses — it makes a huge difference!
Tobe Carberry
Tobe CarberryOwner, Haven4Hoops
Having a partner like Swyft makes that part of starting your business easy and provides a level of comfort in navigating the state and federal filings. So if there are any issues with your filings, Swyft is on top of it and working with you to navigate solutions.
James Adams
James AdamsCo-Owner, Pearland House Concerts

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