So you finally got your business going - beyond the business plan and the official paperwork, you are plugging away and making your mark in your industry. In fact, you are actually ready to hire extra employees because your business is growing and doing well. Congratulations!

But hiring employees also means another aspect of business management for you that can sometimes hamper your other responsibilities. Most major companies have a dedicated Human Resources department and a full-time HR manager because of the time needed to ensure that the employees are properly taken care of and the company remains compliant with federal and state regulations.

Even though you may not (yet) be a big corporation, you still need help in managing employee benefits and payroll. The solution? Forget hiring just one HR person and get yourself a whole virtual department.

Ye Olde HR Days

The “old” way of hiring employees included a hefty amount of paperwork: the application, the employee handbook, I-9, W-4, direct deposit information, and an EIN (if you need this). And aside from the actual paperwork, the old process also required a decent amount of the employer’s time to enter all of the information.

But even after the initial onboarding process, you were still responsible for handling payroll and ensuring that your employees were properly paid and the money went to the right places. On top of all that, you were also the holder of your employees’ sensitive information (social security numbers, bank account numbers) that you had to protect.  

HR = Hugely Resourceful (for your business)

The role of the outsourced HR company is to make it easier for you to run your business by taking the human resources-related headache off your hands and taking care of tasks like hiring procedures, payroll, taxes, and benefits.

What do HR companies handle for your business?

  • Resourceful customer support
  • Online payroll access for you and your employees
  • Payroll managing and tracking for your business
  • Freedom from paperwork - everything is handled through the website
  • Tax filing ability

All you have to do is point the way to the website and let the online human resources company do everything else. And you have more than a single person and/or single function software; you essentially have a full HR department that is working every day to help a vital part of your company function better.

Of the many HR companies to choose from, ADP is a leader in the industry of human resources management. As an added bonus, ADP is offering a special deal specifically for Swyft Filings customers: First 3 months free or 20% off your first year.