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If you spend a lot of time on the internet, or really any time at all, you’ll notice how vigorous (and almost intrusive) marketing campaigns are in this age. You made the mistake of clicking on an item on Amazon, and now that item follows you on social media, at work, maybe even your mailbox. For the average consumer, this might seem overwhelming. For a business, however, it inspires business owners to start a campaign of your own. But where do you start?

2019 Marketing Strategies

Marketing methods are constantly changing. One example is during highly competitive times like the holidays where you are forced to be creative. The rise in e-commerce and social media evolved the way users shop online, and therefore paved new ways for businesses to reach users. Here are a few marketing strategies that we found will be most effective in 2019:

  • Partnership
  • Advertisement
  • Social Media (other than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Video Marketing
  • Personal Touch


Partnering with other online companies and nonprofits serves the customer’s needs in ways that your business alone cannot provide. Partnership, in some cases, is a quicker and cheaper solution than developing a whole product or service, and depending on the partnership, you can still benefit from it. Ask yourself, “What products or services would help my customer succeed?” For example, Swyft Filings is a business filing service, but we do not offer HR services. As a result, we partner with ADP to relieve any added steps that the customer needs to complete for his/her business. Usually in these cases, the relationship is mutually beneficial. Bundling deals and contests with other companies is another added-effort for marketing campaigns.


Abandoned shopping carts, clicks on an item, queries in a search bar—all website activity can be used to gather information about a user and target them with advertising. From the second a user enters a website to the second they leave, you can see the user’s intent and drive. Creepy, we know.  

One of the greatest things we found about advertising is the number of platforms you can advertise on. Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram… The list goes on. Review what works best for your company and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if you have a renovation company, capitalize on Instagram and Pinterest for more visual advertising.

Tip: Bids in certain campaigns may be higher during Q4 due to the high volume in competition. As a result, you’ll need to be more specific in targeting your audience.

Social Media (other than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)

According to eMarketer, 16.4% of respondents said Pinterest influenced their purchasing decisions, 12.5% for Instagram, and 31.8% for Facebook. Yet, people are flocking to only Facebook and LinkedIn, despite their pricing and high competition. Be innovative with your marketing campaign by exploring other ways to improve your online presence. Some popular examples other than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are Houzz, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Periscope.

Giveaways & Contests

Create a post that gives away an item or service, and to enter the contest, the user must tag someone in the post and follow the page or account. This is common in blogs and social media like Instagram to increase virality, or the rapid circulation of a post. It is also helpful when you are looking to increase followers or traffic to your social media account. As mentioned before, hosting a contest that bundles deals with other companies allows you to reach not only your audience, but your partner’s audience, and vice versa.

Video Marketing

In 2018, 94% of respondents in a Facebook survey said they have a smartphone with them while watching TV, and they focus on the TV 53% of the time. In the same year, Google said almost two-thirds of shoppers say video impacted their purchase decisions, and more than 90% discovered products and brands on YouTube. More evidence shows that video marketing is a useful tool, and because of its potential, has more investment to improve e-commerce. Forms of video marketing other than advertisement include webinars and explanation videos. Businesses should use video marketing to increase reach and virality, but keep in mind that video campaigns take time, effort, and money.

Personal Touch

Saying thank you is an easy and timeless marketing campaign that captures audiences. Most businesses do this at the end of the year to show how the customer has impacted their business in that year. But thank you’s can be as little as “thank you for donating” or “thank you for your feedback.” Adding that extra personal touch reminds the customer that you won’t always want to pester them with advertisements, and that you value them.

Before You Begin

These strategies are only a handful of the marketing campaigns that are out there, and the industry will always be growing. While you’re tackling marketing techniques in the new year, don’t forget these key marketing tips:

  • Have Personalization
  • Start Early
  • Review Metrics
  • Choose Quality Over Quantity
  • Know Your Audience

Happy New Year, and good luck!


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