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Stock and Member Certificates

When you need to document ownership to your owners or investors, you need Stock Certificate for corporations or Member Certificates for LLCs. You can get your certificates from the same trusted source you used to form your business in the first place.

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You can order and print your certificates with ease.

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With a few clicks and by answering a few questions, we can help you prepare your stock and member certificates.

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After answering a few questions and making a quick payment, your stock and membership certificates can be instantly downloaded and printed today. We can also print them for you and mail them to you.

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With your private, secure online account, you will have access to your certificates for future printing, storage or easy record-keeping of issues stock and membership certificates.

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    You can use our professional looking templates for your stock and membership certificates to issue to your manager or members.

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    Through your secure online account, you can complete the process often with a few clicks of the mouse and then let our business professionals take over.

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    Don’t be fooled into believing the certificates have to be issued by certain companies or with certain requirements. There is not a state law that dictates the type of paper or what appears on the certificates. Our professional certificates include the sequenced number, the name of the holder, the issuing company or LLC and the number of units or shares involved. You can print them off or have us mail them to you.

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    Your certificates will always be available in your secure online account. This will allow you to print off additional copies, as well as easily access the issued shares or units to stay organized.

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Stock and Member Certificates FAQs

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A stock certificate is the physical document that represents ownership in a corporation. A member certificate is the physical document that represents owne the physical piece of paper representing ownership in a company. Stock certificates will include information such as the number of shares owned, the date, an identification number, usually a corporate seal, and signatures.

They help prove ownership of the company or LLC. They are usually sequentially numbered and include the number of units or shares and to whom they were issued. While not always necessary, many owners or investors like to have them as much as a keepsake as for corporate record keeping.

There is usually not any magic language required and they are not necessarily required to be on a certain stock of paper or a size. Most importantly, they include the name of the issuing LLC or company, the person receiving it, the sequential number and the amount of shares or membership interests. If your bylaws or operating agreement includes restrictions on the transfer of ownership interests, your certificates often include such restrictions.

We produce professional membership or stock certificates that include your company name, the name of the recipient, the number of shares, and a place to add the certificate number. It includes a gold seal and a place for the proper officer of the company to sign. You can print these out on your own or for a small additional fee we can mail them to you.


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