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Swyft Filings Minutes Manager makes it easy to create your meeting minutes so you stay in compliance.

You know you need to conduct periodic meetings to keep your company in compliance and maintain your personal liability protection. You also need to record those meetings with minutes. We make it easy. Regardless of whether it is an annual shareholder meeting, board meeting, member meeting, special meeting or any other type, answer a few questions and create professional meeting minutes.

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How To Use The Minutes Manager

With a few clicks, create your minutes and stay compliant.

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Notice the meeting

Answer a few questions and the Minutes Manager will create the notices you need. This includes notices or waivers of notices.

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Conduct your meeting

You can print out the template in advance to use as a roadmap, or just hold a meeting and take a few notes.

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Create your meeting minutes

Answer a few questions and your meeting minutes will be available for immediate download regardless of the type of meeting. Your meeting minutes will be stored in your secure cloud-based account for anytime download.

Why You Should Use Swyft Filings Minutes Manager

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Ease of Use

Holding your annual shareholder, board of directors, members or managers meeting may not be your favorite part of running your business, but it is necessary. That’s where we come in. We make it easy to create your notices, your waivers, your consents or your minutes. All done in a matter of minutes.

Covers All of Your Needs

It doesn’t matter what type of meeting you need to notice, memorialize, and record, we have you covered. With plain-English prompts and questions, you can create any type of notice, waiver, consent or meeting minutes you need.

Keeps You in Compliance

To keep the personal liability protection that comes with forming an entity, you need to have records that show you conducted your necessary meetings. Using our Minutes Manager, you can easily create these minutes and have them in your secure cloud-based account.

Unlimited Usage and Access

With our subscription, you can create as many minutes that you need for as many companies as you need and always have access to them in your account so you can download them anytime you need them. It will always be there for you.


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Minutes Manager FAQs

Still have questions? Call 877-777-0450 or Live Chat with us for real-time support.

What are meeting minutes?

The corporate meeting minutes document that a meeting took place at a certain date and time. They document who attended, what was discussed and actions that were voted on or approved by the people in the meeting. They are not a transcript of everything discussed, but summarize the key points of the corporate meeting.

Why do I need to keep meeting minutes?

One of the key benefits of a corporate entity is to give the owners personal liability protection. To keep that protection, however, you need to follow the rules and treat the entity like a real corporation or LLC. That means you have to conduct periodic meetings usually at least once per year. If meetings aren’t regularly held, there is a possibility that someone can “pierce the corporate veil” and go after the owners in their individual capacity. Having minutes of the meeting is the proof you need to establish that you followed the rules and kept your company in compliance?

What types of meetings are there?

The most common meetings are the annual meetings. For corporations, there is usually an annual meeting of the shareholders and an annual meeting of the board of directors. LLCs often hold annual meetings for the members in a member-managed LLC and annual meetings for the managers in a manager-managed LLC. Nonprofits often require annual meetings for the board of directors. In addition, the corporate bylaws or company agreement for an LLC often require that certain actions be taken at a duly called special meeting. Some of the most common events that will need to be recorded with a resolution at a meeting might include a sale, a merger, taking out debt, a major acquisition or the removal of a board member or officer.

How does it work?

With the Swyft Filings Minutes Manager, you select the type of meeting you are hosting. Then, you will be directed to enter some basic details such as the time, place and people who attended. The plain-English online questionnaire will ask a few more questions about what happened at the meeting. Then, your minutes will be immediately available for review, editing and downloading.

What is a meeting notice waiver?

Many times all of the necessary parties for a meeting are already in the same room or close together. Rather than mail out notices and giving advance notice of a meeting, a company may gather the necessary parties and take care of business. To record that everyone who was required to receive notice of a meeting can simply sign a notice waiver acknowledging that they waived any requirements of receiving advanced notice. Notice waivers are easy to create on the Minutes Manager.

What is resolution or action by written consent?

Often times, a company takes an action in the heat of the moment that needs to be ratified by people who should have voted on it. This just means they record that they agreed to the action to be taken soon or already taken. This is often done through a unanimous written consent. If the necessary people all agree on something that needs to be voted on, there is no need to call a meeting, have everyone in a room, take notes and then create minutes. Instead, the necessary parties can sign what is often called a written consent in lieu of a meeting to reflect that everyone agreed with the action taken or to be taken. You can easily create that with the Minutes Manager.

What is vote by proxy?

When someone cannot attend a meeting in person, they can often designate someone to vote for them. This is the vote by proxy. The proxy is the written authorization to allow someone else to vote the interests of another.

Meeting Minutes Resources

Managing your business meetings effectively is just one small aspect of good business management. Growing your business and making it successful requires a broad knowledge base. Luckily, Swyft’s Resource Center has guides, articles, and case studies to help build up that base.

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