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What's an Apostille?

The term “apostille" may be unfamiliar, but the concept is simple: it is a way to ensure that a document is authentic. When documents are involved in legal or business matters, it is common practice to authenticate the document through a third party. In the US, you may be familiar with having a document notarized.

When it comes to international authentication, the existence of many different authentication standards made global business a challenge. So in the 1960s, Hague member nations got together and decided on a consistent standard for foreign document authentication. Since then, getting a document apostillized in one nation means that it is acceptably authenticated for use in over 100 countries.

Why would you need an apostille?

Foreign financial benefits
There are a few reasons that you may want to open a foreign bank account. Some business are seeking tax savings. Some companies are looking to begin foreign operations. Still others companies find that having a foreign bank account streamlines business travel. Some individuals choose to invest internationally, and would like a foreign bank account. Most foreign banks require an apostillized copy of a business’s articles of incorporation (or, in the case of an LLC, articles of organization) before they will let you open an account.

An apostille may be helpful to authenticate vital records you may need to have for travel. If you spend (or your family spends) a considerable amount of time in another country, having access to certified copies of documents that would be recognized internationally may give you peace of mind.

The aftermath of a family death may not be relegated to only one country. In order to settle these matters, you may need an apostillized record that would be recognized in another country.

Should you choose international adoption, you may need to become very familiar with the apostillization process. You may need to certify documents in order prove you are ready to adopt. You may also need to certify certain documents concerning the child so that they will be recognized in the United States.

If you or your child study abroad, you may need to ensure that you have (or your child has) internationally recognized documents in order to ensure health and safety.

Swyft can help!

Our apostille service will take care of the entire apostillization (or gold seal acquisition, if applicable) process for your company’s articles of incorporation/organization. Once this process has been completed, there will be no additional legalization or certification required to use these documents in the foreign country in question.  

In most circumstances, you can order your apostille certificate with one click from your account or after just a few questions. We use our experience and professional expertise to quickly order your apostille certificate. In most cases, we have the state deliver your apostille Certificate straight to your address. Otherwise, we will scan a copy and forward the original as soon as we receive it so you can put it to work wherever you need it in the world. Expedited processing is available.

In today’s world when people question everything, an apostille certificate puts to rest any doubt that you really formed your entity in your state and can do business in foreign countries. Contact one of our knowledgable representatives today!

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