In 2017, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast for many, causing approximately $125 billion in damage. To assist in the relief process, we wanted to help other local businesses in their quests to rebuild through our “Hurricane Harvey Recovery Contest.”

“Even our own employees were impacted by the hurricane, so we thought it was imperative that we do our part to help,” said Swyft Filings President Travis Crabtree. “We initially agreed to donate $1 for every order last September and then double that amount. Once we saw our neighbors selflessly rally to get this area back on track, we decided we needed to do a little more. Since we help set up both for-profit and non-profit companies, it was only natural for us to do our little part by making the recovery for these new companies just a little easier.”

Entrants provided a written summary of how they would use the awarded funds, if chosen, to make a great impact on flood damage relief within the Houston community. Originally, we intended to issue a single cash prize and one promotional video for the winning business. However, after receiving several deserving entries, we granted three monetary prizes and will provide promotional videos for all three winners: Beyond Generosity, WCMX Houston, Inc. and Best Home Restoration, LLC.

Beyond Generosity

Non-profit Beyond Generosity, Inc. hosts backyard concerts to raise money for other non-profits and charities. Beyond Generosity is donating the cash award to the charities it supports and will use the video to promote future events.

“The idea behind Beyond Generosity is that we can all do more,” said founder James Adams. “Today’s definition of generosity is altruistic, at best. That was never more evident as I personally experienced tremendous generosity after our home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey.”  

At the next concert, scheduled for May 19, Beyond Generosity is raising money for Rescued Pets Movement. Swyft Filings will be there to present the award and shoot video for Beyond Generosity.

WCMX Houston, Inc

WCMX Houston, Inc., a sports program for wheelchair and amputee athletes to learn how to navigate a skate park successfully, is the second award recipient. The money will go towards purchasing an additional chair for athletes to use in their monthly meetups.

Founder Gretchen Bailey said the video and the money will, “help us continue to redefine the way our athletes of all ages can overcome all, including a hurricane!"

Swyft Filings will be filming at the next WCMX meet-up on May 11 at North Houston Skate Park.

Best Home Restoration, LLC

Best Home Restoration, the third award-winner, will utilize the funds to help people rebuild from Hurricane Harvey at a lower cost compared to other traditional remodeling companies. 

“I saw so many people in my neighborhood that lost everything. Most of them did not have flood insurance and they still have not been able to repair their houses,” said Heath Mills of Best Home Restoration. “So many neighbors got quotes from home improvement companies that were tens of thousands higher than they should be. I am going to help as many people in my neighborhood recover as I can.”

Swyft Filings, which empowers business owners to make filing and compliance needs simple, wanted to do their part in relief efforts.

“After seeing what happened to the city where our company was founded and where all our employees live, it was our privilege to do our little part to help small businesses recover,” said Swyft Filings General Manager Payge Torres.