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How to Reignite Your Work Passion After Burnout

How to Reignite Your Work Passion After Burnout | Swyft Filings

Does your career make you feel like you’re running on an empty gas tank? If so, you might be experiencing burnout. Long hours, increasing stress, and unclear work-life balance can lead to these feelings of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion throughout the workday. 

With more than 4 in 10 employees feeling more burnt out today compared to the previous year, it’s clear that burnout is on the rise. If you’re experiencing symptoms of burnout and aren’t sure how to combat the stress, don’t worry. Here are four helpful tips to reignite your passion and find joy in your work again.

Create a New Routine

When a career becomes unfulfilling, staying encouraged in your daily tasks can be challenging. Maybe your workload has steadily increased, you feel overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities, or you lost the passion that initially led you to your career. Whatever the cause, the first step in recovering from burnout is acknowledging the need for change.

One of the most accessible adjustments to help alleviate burnout symptoms is creating a new daily routine. A hectic work-life schedule is a common cause of burnout and can lead to additional problems while handling job requirements down the road. Take a minute to step back and identify areas for improvement in your daily work schedule, both inside and outside the office.

If you’re unsure where to start, here are some suggestions for implementing a new work routine.

  • Make a list of your current responsibilities and prioritize based on deadlines. As you list each task, consider how you can modify your work habits to reduce any stress and anxiety while completing them.
  • Learn to say no to new commitments. While it’s normal to feel the need to say yes to every new project, waiting until you feel comfortable with taking on more responsibilities will be beneficial for your mental health.
  • Take breaks between large, time-consuming projects. As you move from one task to another, give your brain a chance to process and recover.
  • Resist the urge to take work home, even if there’s a deadline. Instead, make a plan at the end of each workday, so you’re ready to keep going when you return. It’s more important to give your brain a well-deserved break than alter your work-life balance.
  • Keep your morning and night routine as mindful as possible. From listening to podcasts on your commute to exercising a few days a week, try to make an effort to focus on your mental health when you’re out of the office.

Celebrate the Small Victories

Burnout builds upon a disconnect between the passion that led you to your job and the work itself. When that initial spark fizzles out, it can be hard to find a new purpose and stay motivated every day. 

If you’re struggling to find meaning in your daily tasks, try to track your progress in current assignments. No matter how small the job is, keep a list of each step you complete as you finish a project or commitment. By visualizing your progress, you can find meaning in your work through each step’s impact on the final product.

As you track your progress, also make an effort to celebrate the small wins along the way. Each task is one step closer to your goal and deserves individual recognition. An easy way to celebrate your work is by reflecting on your tracked progress. Think of one thing you completed that you’re most proud of at the end of each day. This will help reignite your passion and keep you motivated as you progress through various projects and tasks during the workday.

Develop Interests Outside of Work

How to Reignite Your Work Passion After Burnout 2 | Swyft Filings

While changes in your work lifestyle can help alleviate stress, they might not always reignite the spark you lost. In this case, it might be time to step back and search for interests separate from your job. From social events to classes, you can participate in fun, collaborative activities to help rediscover your passion again.

There are countless activities available that can boost a hidden passion. Maybe you want to make time for a project or hobby, join a club in your community, or sign up for a class to continue your education. Whatever you choose, focus on an activity that brings you happiness and a sense of purpose. 

As you search for a new passion, you may even discover an opportunity for a side hustle. Whether you want to open a booth at your local farmers market with your own products or start offering your services as a freelancer, a side hustle is a great way to test out the waters for a new career opportunity. 

If you’re interested in taking your side hustle a step further, read our article on When To Incorporate Your Side Hustle.

Explore New Paths

After devoting a lot of time to your career, it can be disheartening to experience burnout and lose the joy you once had for your work. However, a change in your career might be exactly what you need. This could mean reviewing your current responsibilities, developing a new routine, or exploring a new path. 

If you’ve decided that it’s time for a career change, keep in mind that it’s okay not to have a clear direction. While it can be overwhelming to consider different career paths, it’s normal to have no clear backup plan. By accepting the need for a change, you’re already taking one step forward toward finding the passion you lost.

Use this time as a chance to explore alternative paths until you’re ready to take the plunge into a new career. Read about different jobs online, meet with a professional mentor, or reach out to people in professions you’re interested in. If your passion lies in bringing your side hustle to the next level, research how to incorporate and start your own business. 

If you’re experiencing symptoms of burnout and feel stuck in your career, don’t worry. By tweaking your work habits or pursuing a new and exciting path, you’ll be on the way to reigniting your passion. 

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