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New free ebook - How to Start a Business From Scratch: Build a Successful Business and Turn Your Ideas Into Money


Here are at Swyft Filings, you know we love helping new businesses. That’s why we put together this new ebook in partnership with crowdspring and Trademark Engine.  

While we help with your business formation and document compliance needs, we know that building a successful business goes beyond that. We also know, it’s not easy — 30% of new businesses fail during their first two years.

We want you on the other side of that statistical equation. We believe and live the mantra that our customer’s success is our success. That’s why we are giving this 95-page ebook away. We want you to start your new business with the tools and guidance you will need to succeed.

Combining the expertise of Swyft Filings, crowdspring and Trademark Engine, we have helped over 400,000 businesses launch and grow. This ebook contains our collective wisdom, experience and expertise on branding, design, corporate structures, compliance, trademarks, marketing, and much more.

This eBook will help you learn how to:

  • -Overcome Your Fear of Failure
  • -Find, Evaluate, and Protect Your Great Business Idea
  • -Write a Business Plan That Will Get You Funded
  • -Properly Set Up Your Business
  • -Create a Strong Brand Identity
  • -Build and Grow a Service-Based Business
  • -Build and Grow an Online Business
  • -Build and Grow a Retail Business
  • -Create a Strong Online Presence For Your New Company
  • -Raise Money and Finance Your New Business
  • -Launch Your Business and Get Your First Customers

Here is a peek at Chapter 3: “How to Write a Business Plan That Will Get You Funded.”

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, you recently started one, or if you have been in business for awhile, but just not seeing the growth you imagined, this book is for you.  Start off with a competitive edge by downloading your free copy of How To Start a Business From Scratch: Build a Successful Business and Turn Your Ideas Into Money.

Ready to Start Your Business?