Picture this: you’ve started a new business and you need to get the word out to potential customers. You might make some flyers, post a small ad (because you’re on a budget) in the newspaper, and bug your family and friends to get the word out about your amazing shop. 

While you might still involve family and friends to pass on a good word about you, the “new” way to advertise your business does not use nearly as much paper or cost as much as you might think. And you can target people who would actually be interested. Welcome to a world (almost) run by online advertising.

King of the Mountain

When discussing the best options for advertising online, Google AdWords likely tops the list. If online advertising was Westeros, then AdWords would be sitting pretty atop the Iron Throne. While other avenues are certainly not to be discarded, advertising through Google offers multiple options to help you promote your business and an opportunity to “speak” to thousands of potential consumers every day.

Unlike the great and powerful Oz, Google Adwords is a lot less mysterious and fairly easy to grasp. Adwords is an online Google advertising platform that helps advertisers reach customers through paid ads that appear along with search results. 

With AdWords, you are not shooting blind at everyone with the hopes of hitting your target audience because your ad only appears with search results that are in the same “category” as your business. In other (ad)words, your home design advertisement will not appear when someone searches for “best Mexican restaurants.”

Other Great Stuff

Imagine you are planning a big birthday bash at your favorite restaurant. You’re a little nervous about the “open bar” option until the restaurant assures you that you will only pay for alcoholic drinks actually served, which cuts down the cost of the shindig considerably. That is also how AdWords works - you only pay when someone clicks on your ad or watches your video. Not only is your ad already showing to your target audience, but it only costs you when someone visits your website.

AdWords also understands the need for advertising packages that meet any budget, so even the start-ups can get something out there. Even better, AdWords will adjust your budget accordingly throughout the month so you don’t miss out on the days when you get more clicks than normal; when that happens, AdWords sort of robs Peter to pay Paul by lowering your budget on slow days to make up the difference.

AdWords also equips advertisers with easy-to-understand tools for measuring the performance of ads, as well as articles on how to boost ad clicks and a helpful customer service department. You can even bid on keywords that will net you a better spot in the search results.

Another great AdWords feature is that you can opt to market both globally and locally. Even though your fudge and cookies can ship anywhere, you also want customers to darken your lovely store. You can choose to boost possible sales by setting distance limits and specifically focus advertising in your area.

Tell Me Why (AdWords)

Google AdWords is especially attractive to small business owners who do not have thousands or millions to spend on marketing but still need to attract customers. Every level of business can benefit from using AdWords, and business owners have control over their advertising to expand as the company grows.

Top Reasons to Get Your AdWords On:

  1. Fits any budget
  2. Tailors ad location for your business (no more blind advertising)
  3. Targets your ideal audience
  4. Offers tools to make your ads better
  5. Allows specific geographic advertising
  6. Smiles at you from the top of Mount Olympus (well not really, but still a nice thought)

Among the advertising options available for small business owners, AdWords has proven results of helping businesses improve website traffic and overall sales. It truly is “one size fits all.”