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Doing Business As (DBA)

A DBA (also commonly referred to as an assumed name or fictitious name) provides businesses a legally recognized way to conduct themselves under a name other than their incorporated name.

DBA's can provide different advantages, depending on your business type. For a formal entity, such as an LLC or corporation, a DBA allows the business to take on multiple names for marketing or branding purposes. Swyft Filings can obtain your DBA for your business.

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Doing Business As (DBA) FAQs

  • What benefits does filing a DBA provide?

    There are numerous reasons to file for a DBA. The most common are:

    • Increased credibility – A well-chosen name can enhance the credibility of a business, especially for sole proprietors and general partnerships.
    • The ability to open financial accounts – Many banks require sole proprietorships and general partnerships to take on a DBA before opening an account.
    • Branding purposes – There are numerous ways that a DBA can assist a company's branding efforts. Some of the most common are to integrate a company's name with their online properties (domain names, social media profiles, etc.), or to position themselves differently to multiple demographics.
    • Multiple Names – A DBA allows companies to effectively run multiple branding campaigns, or even separate businesses, under one legal entity. As long as the chosen names are not misleading to consumers, and reflect the company's products or services, there is no limit to the number of DBAs that a business can have.
  • Is acquiring a DBA ever mandatory?

    A DBA is mandatory any time that an organization wishes to transact business under a name other than their incorporated name.

    While it isn't mandatory for sole proprietorships and general partnerships to acquire DBAs, there are some severe limitations placed on them if they do not have one. Without a DBA, these types of business cannot typically open a bank account with most institutions, and must represent themselves strictly as the owner's personal name(s).

  • How long does the DBA filing process take?

    Swyft Filings DBA service takes approximately 2 weeks to complete from start to finish.

  • Is there any way to speed up the DBA filing process?

    Yes. While Swyft Filings cannot control how long it takes for your local jurisdiction to handle your DBA application, we do offer a DBA filing option that relies on the expedited shipping of documents in order to ensure that the process is a fast as possible. If you elect to choose our expedited filing option, the whole process will typically take 1 week to complete from start to finish.

  • Are there any publication requirements involved with DBAs?

    Some states require that any business that acquires a DBA run a public notice in a local newspaper. Depending on where you are located, the exact details will vary. Swyft Filings DBA service DOES NOT include the fulfillment of any publications that your local jurisdiction requires.

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